The beauty that surrounds Son Vives

The Son Vives Agritourism Hotel is located in the centre of Menorca, in one of the island’s most unspoilt inland areas atop its fourth highest peak, thus offering visitors spectacular views over the northern coast from Binimel·là to the Cavalleria lighthouse, as well as the mountains of Monte Toro, Santa Àgueda and S’Enclusa.

Monte toro

the island’s highest peak, standing 358 metres in height, offering a panoramic view of virtually the entire island of Menorca. Atop the mountain is the Monte Toro Sanctuary of the Virgin, built in the 17 th century upon a Gothic church


Menorca’s second highest mountain, standing 275 metres in height. Visible today are the remains of an old U.S. military base, which came into operation in 1965 and
was utilised to connect the United States with exterior communication systems for troops deployed in the Far East until 1993.

Santa Agueda

Santa Àgueda Mountain is the island’s third highest peak, standing 264 metres tall. It is home to a fortress built by Arabs during the Caliphate of Córdoba and was
used for defensive purposes until 1343, when Peter IV of Aragon ordered its destruction. It is currently in a state of ruin.

Far de Cavallería

lighthouse located at the northern-most point of Menorca, it offers unbeatable views of the area’s beaches and coves. The lighthouse has a bar open in summer months.


Located on the island’s northern coast, this red-sand beach is located on the road that leads to Pregonda beach.