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DR Standard without terrace

Located on the ground floor, this is the cheapest room of our establishment, but as comfortable, cozy and spacious as the others.

DR with terrace

Rooms are located on the ground floor and they have a terrace, which offers impressive views of the North part of Menorca.

Double room + 1 with terrace

In case an extra bed is needed, we offer a double room with an additional bed and a terrace. This room is located on the ground floor, from where there are amazing views to Menorca’s North.

DR Superior with terrace

Situated on the upper floor, this is the finest and greatest accommodation in Son Vives, the views from its spacious terrace are delightful and offer a great panoramic of the North Coast of Menorca.

DR Terrace + sofa bed

"S'Era i Sa Marineta" are two very similar double rooms. Both on the ground floor, with terrace and fantastic views of the farm and hills of Menorca.